Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do clothes make the man?....

I just had an intersting conversation with Josh and Allison about this. Does the way you dress at work have an impact on how others see you?

What does a t-shirt and shorts say about you?

What about a baseball hat?

What do people think if you get too dressed up?

If you dressed one way for a while and then changed it up, would anyone notice?

Does this matter more to those in charge than to the rest of us?

What is the perfect, "I'm a hard worker that should get a raise but I'm not kissing up" outfit?


Alli Hibb said...

I think, in most jobs, aside from Saddleback, you have to dress up. At Saddleback, if you dress up, you are mocked.

Unless you wear false mocking occurs.

Courtney said...

Not at all. I wear jeans and rainbows to work most days

.....then again, look at my job. I think you have a point here!!